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Diamonds & Gemstone Sourcing


Kaydee gems offer their expertise in sourcing the finest quality diamonds & gemstones including custom-cut stones. We are located in Thailand, the hub of gemstones and by having our presence right at the source enable us to bring the top-of-the-line gems for our clients. Our extensive network of gemstone & diamond suppliers, miners and gem cutters enables us to fulfil customers’ needs and offer them the widest range of top quality and rare diamonds & gemstones. Kaydee gems work closely with local gemstones & diamond suppliers and cutters ensuring hand sorted gems with consistent cut and colour and a uniform shiny finish.


We deal in fancy color diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones with every piece having their own definite qualities and characteristics. At Kaydee gems we can also suggest suitable gems options as per your requirements; budget, design and color palette and provide advice on different shapes and cuts.

We believe that to achieve enduring success in this field, it is necessary to pay more attention to detail. Our Diamond & Gemstone sourcing services emphasizes on the following:

  • 4 C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat)

  • Hardness and Durability

  • Cost

  • Origin

  • Repeatability

  • Ethics

Quality and Integrity

The passion for gemstones has made Kaydee a valued source of fine quality precious and semi-precious gemstones. We specialize in supplying high quality and beautifully cut gemstones to our international customers from across Asia, USA and Europe. At Kaydee gems we maintain high standards by adhering to our core values i.e. integrity, quality and reliability.


Fancy Color Diamonds


Wide Range of Gemstones

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