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Custom Jewelry Manufacturing

Our Custom Jewelry Design service is a resource for jewelers, their customers, brand owners and independent designers to convert their unique design ideas into real jewelry pieces. Kaydee Gems is your own personal jeweler and custom jewelry designer, our services make the custom jewelry process easy for designers and online business owners to effectively communicate their ideas to us so we can interpret and execute their custom jewelry orders well.

When you want to create a perfect piece of jewelry, our custom jewerly design services are ready to create special pieces for you. Designing your own collection is an exciting and enjoyable experience when you choose Kaydee. We design exceptional pieces keeping the unique designs in your mind
and produce jewels that will last a lifetime by using high quality metal and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. 


Our experts are ready to guide you throughout the making process of your special designs or store collection from consultation and final drawing to the final finished piece of jewelry. We take pride in innovating designs and the

commitment to quality and services with the latest technology and designing software’s to deliver excellence.

With the changing needs of the industry we are providing one stop manufacturing solutions for our customers by setting up and practicing just in time inventory systems. We are solution providers and help our customers to maintain the flagship of their stores and build their brand image stronger by creating designs for them in accordance to their distribution needs.

At Kaydee Gems we allow our customers to place orders of ANY size i.e. either single piece or bulk.



One Stop Solution For

We believe that creating a customized piece of jewelry should not be difficult thus we offer our end-to-end customized jewelry manufacturing services to ease up the process for online businesses and store owners so they can create their unique, high-end personalized piece of jewelry as per their own specifications.

Our experts will guide you through and will help you to turn your idea into a masterpiece while keeping your budget and requirements in mind. Either you have a single one-of-a-kind piece order of your customer or a range of jewelry products, Kaydee Gems is happy to assist you in the making of your customized piece of jewelry.

Bring Youe Designs to Life

Aspirant Designers & Evolving Brands

Kaydee Gems helps jewelry designers and emerging brands, who strive for perfection and extraordinary manufacturing services to convert their imagination into real pieces. We offer skilled craftsmanship, admirable quality, fast and reliable turnarounds along with realistic pricing.


We work hand-in-hand with our clients to create a high-end jewelry line for their brands. We have expertise and creative minds to develop your ideas into exceptional and innovative designs and then fine enduring finished jewels.


3 Simple Steps to Successfuly Create Your Custom Jewelry Design

Step 1


After you fill the custom order form, we will start with a rough sketch for you as per your given requirements and shown pictures while discussing the details with you and will give ideas so you can get the best possible results.

Step 2
3D Model

Based on the approved sketch, 3D Model will be created to help you envision your designs. This will also help us to give you realistic estimation of the time and pricing, required to manufacture your designs.

Step 3

Finished Product

Once the design is approved, we will proceed to production and will deliver your order in 2-3 weeks depending on your order quantity.

We love creating unique pieces for our customers and making their dream come true. Whether you are looking for a distinctive custom piece or would like to customize one of our existing designs by swapping the stone or selecting a different cut, we are here to help you out. We are here to listen closely to your ideas and create your desired

jewelry design with the help of our expertise and impeccable craftsmanship.

Fill Out Our Custom Form

Fill this custom design inquiry form bellow and get one step closer to your desired jewelry piece.

Thankyou for your query we will get back to you shortly!

Things to Note For Customization

CAD Design

Turnaround time for CAD is 1-2 days (48 hours).  A deposit of minimum USD 200 is required for single piece customized design, before we start the  CAD designing process.


30% deposit is required before we start the  production process, which is non-refundable if the production has started.

Time Frame

For single piece orders we take approx. 10 -14 days and  the timeline from the design process to the end product of bulk orders is 3 - 6 weeks.


The deposit is non-refundable if you decide not to purchase the  finished product.

Don't know where to start?

Please get in touch with us, we will assist you through.

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