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Jewelry Manufacturing

Kaydee Gems is a complete solution provider for custom jewelry manufacturing services. We specialize in the manufacturing of platinum and gold jewelry with or without gemstones and diamonds. Our skilled team of craftsmen includes experienced setters and goldsmiths. All the stones at Kaydee gems are set microscopically and are sorted by hands ensuring

a reliable and uniform finishing.

There is no minimum order quantity, we are capable for both bulk and single piece orders. The main aim of Kaydee gems is to offer a one stop solution for all your jewelry manufacturing needs.

Services for Independent Jewelry Designers

Our one to one approach will provide you great help throughout the jewelry creation process and moving forward to create the first prototype. After the completion of the design process, we will recommend you services and supplies for production with respect to every specific project.


  • Concept and design sketching

  • 3D CAD design and WAX printing

  • Mold making and Prototyping

Services for Online Businesses & Retail Stores

At Kaydee our expert team will provide assistance to online businesses and retailers to accommodate their customers with any one-of-a-kind custom jewelry design requests.

Don't know where to start?

Please get in touch with us, we will assist you through.

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