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Designing masterpieces for you

Kaydee Gems International Co.,Ltd is the reflection of passion, inspiration and experience of creating high-end and refined jewelry. A Bangkok based company that specializes in capturing and translating raw ideas of customers into unique and striking designs. At the beginning, the aim was not to initiate a business but to make profitable jewelry with best of

prices. The desire to create the engaging, timeless and luxurious jewelry pieces that radiates confidence and

expresses comfort every time they are worn is central to our process.

Kaydee Gems focuses on every minute detail of the design process which makes every creation of Kaydee a masterpiece in its own. We offer a full-service experience all in one place from designing to the production of finish goods. The company is focused to simply create what customers want either its bespoke designs, multiple product range or a unique collection

of their own to grow and expand their business.


Our commitment is to provide elegant, high quality and everlasting jewelry with the aim to create remarkable customer satisfaction through quality experience and transparency. We believe in keeping the foundation on trust and giving

the finest customer service to our clients. Kaydee Gems promote ethics and transparency in business

transactions while maintaining integrity.

We believe in delivering premium quality products with best experience and exceptional customer service .

Why Us?



Within the highly competitive jewelry market, our aim is to provide the best and most affordable price.

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Excellent Craftsmanship

We provide our customers excellent craftsmanship for each piece of jewelry created  by paying acute attention to every detail.

Remarkable Services

We strive to exceed customer satisfaction and sustain it by our boundless designing capabilities and exclusive services.

Timely Delivery

Our main priority is to ensure timely delivery of goods and living up to customers promise to build a trustworthy relationship.

Our Quality Standard 

We commit to deliver excellence both in terms of manufacturing and designing the finest quality products. Our quality control continuously checks the jewelry after each step of the manufacturing process ensuring that quality standards are not only met but go beyond our customers’ expectations. Rooted in the belief that the jewels which are most dear to us should be created without compromising quality, we ensure that our jewelry meets customer’s specifications and the compulsory quality

protocols of the export market.

Quality prospects of our jewelry are so high that every piece speaks perfection.

Don't know where to start?

Please get in touch with us, we will assist you through.

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