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Private Labelling

The finished fine jewelry collection of Kaydee gems includes various designs of wedding bands of different width sizes, anniversary bands and engagement rings. Each and every design of our collection is designed, prototyped, molded and casted using our own exclusive methods. We ensure premium quality finished castings for accurate setting of diamond melee.


Easy Customization

Creating a personalized wedding band or engagement ring for your customers with the help of our customizable catalog designs:

  1. Choose the side accents

  2. Change the center stone

  3. Create other changes as per your liking

Each design in the catalogue is completely customizable and the custom CAD’s are usually emailed within the standard time frame of 2 days.


No minimum quantity is set to place an order. You can order via email or by submitting your requirements through the contact us form.

Available metal categories for our catalogue designs are mostly 18K, 14K (white, yellow and rose gold) and platinum 950.

It completely depends on you how you want the product:

  1. Only Casting

  2. Casted and Polished, almost ready so you can set your own desired gemstone.

  3. Finished Product, set with your required grade of diamond melee and polished.

  4. Setting Centre Stone and Diamond can also be done by us.

Samples for your Display

To help you grow your business we have introduced a ‘ Sample Display  Strategy ’, this allows our clients to stock and display our complete customizable bridal collection on their stores with a minimum amount. By displaying our samples in your showcases your customers will be able to view them and wear the rings before buying which will eventually boost your sales.

Don't know where to start?

Please get in touch with us, we will assist you through.

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