The expert and creative jewelry designing team of Kaydee gems will assist you to get started with your designs whether you are looking to create new pieces for your established brand or you want to design your debut collection.

The CAD services at Kaydee gems are ideal for private jewelers as well as for jewelry designers who want to create their own customized collection. However, these services are also beneficial for the retail stores and online businesses as they can offer their customers to create their own personalized jewelry pieces.

Our expert team is ready to help you fulfil all your jewelry design needs, whether you want technical drawings, sketches, CAD, silicon molds or 3D printed resins. At Kaydee we can work as per your requirement and convert your conception from sketches, CAD, pictures and rough drawings on a piece of paper into reality by moving your inspired designs to full scale production. Your CAD designs can also be converted into beautiful renderings, which is the best way to showcase your product to your customers.

We are at your service from start till the end, as our aim is to work collaboratively with our customers to avoid any issues and expensive pitfalls for your brand. Thus we keep you updated at every stage of jewelry designing process and willingly offer suggestions and advices time by time.


Our high definition 3D printers will give smooth and precise surface prints. We offer a range of resins including 3D resin molds to help you in case of repeat production as well as direct-to-casting resins for one-off-pieces. We are here to share our expert advice while ensuring the best outcome to meet your jewelry production needs.